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If you have end users in Bangladesh than GotiPath is the best low latency content delivery service for you. We have huge bandwidth capacity in Bangladesh and it's growing.

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Do you have end-users in Bangladesh?

GotiPath operates an Bangladeshi CDN optimized to deliver affordable, high-definition video on demand, live streams, and more for Web publishers and enterprises that want to deliver superior end-user experiences simply and affordably. With BDIX connected nodes across Bangladesh, Asia, and the rest of the globe, your content can be stored and delivered close to your end users.

Frequently Asked Questions

GotiPath has partnered with Datacenters worldwide. We develop a cloud-based platform that delivers your contents from closer to your end-users. By using both local and global bandwidth we ensure the best latency of your contents. * Ultra low latency media Delivery. * Lowest possible price guarantee. * 100% uptime Guarantee

No. We bill our customers on a pay as you grow model. You can start small with us and as your traffic grows, we can scale your costs as well. To know more, please schedule a meeting with us to understand how our customized pricing model for startups works. Knock us on WhatsApp +8801534987654

Our integration time frame is customized based on your needs. We have integrated customers from a few hours to a few weeks depending on their business need and complexity of the integrations. And we support you for free.

GotiPath supports push and pull mode for live video streams. Push mode A live stream is first pushed from the broadcaster to the GotiPath CDN. It can be pushed directly to our CDN via customer origin server or third party origin server. Traditionally, a live video stream is pushed using RTMP. Pull mode The live video stream file is placed on a customer origin server. Then, GotiPath actively pulls the live stream into the CDN Ingress Point.

Our multi-protocol conversion feature supports and converts the following live stream protocols: Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) HTTP Smooth Streaming (HSS) And we support below protocols for VOD/OTT: Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) HTTP Flash Video (HTTP FLV) HTTP Transport Stream (HTTP TS) HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

Yes, our transcoding features ensure optimal bit rates and resolution for specific network and device applications. It also provides packaging for multiple platforms from one single content source.

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