The world came to a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries all over the world, including Bangladesh, are observing lockdown, forcing people to stay at their homes. And it becomes a reason that internet data usage increased by around 20-25 percent in Bangladesh. Because of online streaming VOD/OTT, Online live classes and more let’s discuss below.

We are witnessing a very critical phase in human history. However, this is not the first time. Either natural or manmade, the history of human civilization is littered with disasters. In the last century, the world observed two world wars causing death to millions of people, but these disasters also played a critical role in developing new technologies and starting new trends. For example, the Second World War saw a meteoric rise in women’s participation in the labor force in the USA.

Once again, we are seeing similar trends with a meteoric rise in data consumption during the corona pandemic. Between February and March, data usage increased by around 20-25 percent in Bangladesh. Department of Telecommunications said that video streaming caused this major spike. People are streaming movies and other content, making video calls, carrying out office activities, attending meetings, doing online classes, video games and a host of other activities. As this is a very sudden peak the companies like Facebook, Google also wasn’t ready. So that they decreased the video bitrate to 480p by default to save the CDN Bandwidth to serve more people. 

Online Streaming increase in Bangladesh

This is not only happening in Bangladesh but all over the world. Video analytics firm, Conviva’s quarterly report said that the overall time spent in video streaming increased by 20% between February and March. Video on Demand (VoD) also increased by 28% during the same period.

conviva vod growth report

The report also said that TV had the highest growth in VoD and live viewing while mobile and PC saw a drop.

Source: The Financial Express