Chrome Kaleidoscope – Upcoming VOD Aggregation Platform By Google?

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Google is developing a brand new feature for it’s Chrome browser known as”Kaleidoscope” which aggregates and surfaces material from several VOD streaming solutions like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ into a single user interface.

The enthusiast website Chrome Story saw the undertaking, which seems to be only available at this stage to Google employees employing the Canary version of Chrome.

Through insight and diligence, Chrome Story managed to peruse a few Kaleidoscope pages. One reveals buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus, and contains the concept, “Each of your displays in 1 spot.”


Chrome Kaleidoscope
Chrome Kaleidoscope


Now, Google KaleidoscopeĀ  is only available for Googlers because they are currently testing internally.

Previously Jio TV+ from India has announced a similar service where all the OTT platforms will be assimilated under one roof. Google also invested $4.5 billion for a 7.73 percent stake inĀ Jio Platforms.


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Having multiple OTT stations on a single platform will surely create streaming simpler! At GotiPath we are also thinking, maybe this is going to be the future where people will going to love the aggregator platform instead of the original one because it’s easy to find the favorite content and stream easily across all his subscriptions.

What do you think about the “Kaleidoscope”? Do you think this can be a popular product for google or it will be just a failure like Google plus let us know in the comment section?


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