Content Delivery Network

Supercharge Your Content Delivery with GotiPath CDN

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Global Network

Gotipath has 75+ PoP’s worldwide and 1150+ Multi CDN PoP’s

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65+ Tbps Network

Combining our network with partners we have more than 65+ Tbps capacity

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24/7 Support

Have 24/7 Free Technical Support By Ticket, Email, Phone

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Solutions for Everything

Video, Livestream, Games or Software, website acceleration. We fit everywhere

Quickly and Safe Transfer Large Content to Anywhere in the World

With hundreds of thousands of cache servers scattered around the world (over 136 countries), you can quickly deliver content to overseas users using our CDN. Globally distributed networks improve video and music streaming performance or large volume file downloads/website speed. By reduces network jitters and latencies we help to improve overall user experience.

Advanced Security and Content Protection

All the media and communications on Gotipath CDN are end-to-end encrypted with TLS 1.3 protocol, leaving no chance for interceptors and malicious actors. Furthermore, we support token, AES Encryption for free. On the other hand we support DRM

Ultra-Low Latency - Content Delivery

All the media and communications on Gotipath CDN are end-to-end encrypted with TLS 1.3 protocol, leaving no chance for interceptors and malicious actors. Furthermore, our signature DDoS and Bot Protection allows you to never have to worry about malicious traffic and bottlenecks again.

Machine Learning Based Multi CDN

Using single can be a nightmare, cause even world biggest CDN has records to go down. We solved the issue with Gotipath SmartRoute™ .  Our Machine Learning based monitoring system calculate latencies and health of our CDN nodes as well as our partner CDN nodes. Than route the user to fastest available nodes in real-time. Read More…

Detailed Analytics

Our comprehensive analytics guarantee that you get the most up-to-date insight you need to achieve your business goals. Never lose clients due to information blind spots again. You can download detailed logs for each resource on our GotiPath CDN’s dashboard.

Link with Other GotiPath Cloud Services

Link your CDN with other GotiPath cloud services. Object Storage, Server service can be used as CDN source server storage. It’s your choice weather you want to accelerate edge or not.

Pay as You Go (PAYG) Payment Model

When you use Gotipath CDN, you only need to pay for the services that you use. No Extra Fees, No Hidden Charges. We also have multiple subscription slab for volume discount. Subscribe to any plan or use pay as you go



Pricing information

To help you operate your business flexibly in different situations, we offer a practical pricing model.

(VAT Excluded)

Classification Billing Units Usage Level Pay-as-you-go (USD)
Monthly transmission fee GB 0-500GB 0.045
Over 500GB–5TB 0.04
Over 5TB–10TB 0.035
Over 10TB–50TB 0.03
Over 50TB–500TB 0.025
Over 500TB Contact us
HTTP/HTTPS Request 10,000 requests 0.00
Customers willing to make minimum traffic commits of typically 5 TB/month or higher are eligible for discounted pricing. Contact us
  1. Service charge = Monthly transfer fee + Monthly request fee
  2. In PAYG minimum $1 USD will be charge each month. 
  3. Customer must keep balance to the account to keep service up and running.
  4. Customer can subscribe for a bigger usage level (eg: Over 10 TB-50TB) by paying upfront for a month (30Days) to enjoy price benifits.
  5. Discount Pricing: Custom discounted pricing is available for customers willing to commit to a minimum of 5TB data transfer per month for 12 months or longer. Discounts vary based on the amount of the commitment. Interested in signing up for discounted pricing? Please contact us.

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