All about GotiPath Live Stream CDN

live stream cdn


Can you imagine a live streaming CDN platform that might assist you process and deliver your live streams while providing bandwidth for unexpected peaks for free?

We are happy to introduce a simple-to-use solution which mixes encoding, transcoding and layers of security with a low-latency and buffer-free global video delivery.

We have clients who are streaming at below 2 second latency to global audience with our live stream CDN setup. Our clients helped us to realize how powerful and beneficial the mixture of video processing and a huge and global content delivery network are often .

Live streaming is a popular thing these days and live content trend will grow with internet speed. We believe at 5G era people will to watch interactive live content.

At GotiPath we’ve always aspired to assist with the technical side of things using the newest technology while maintaining completely transparent and cost-effective pricing terms. It goes without saying that Live Streaming CDN follows this core value too.


Out Live Streaming CDN is made to be as fast and reliable because the latest technologies allow. It’s built for global delivery leveraging our entire 42 PoP network in Asia only and others are located all over the world. On the playback options, it supports all HTTP streaming protocols you would like to succeed in your audience across all platforms and devices. Not only it assures rock bottom possible latency but it makes sure you are doing not got to worry about any unexpected peaks in views anymore.

Let’s look a touch closer at how you’ll serve your clients using our Live Streaming CDN. There’s an answer in situation whether you run an RTMP stream or maintain your own streaming server.

We can lookout of converting and transcoding your RTMP streams into HTTP-based formats like HLS, HDS and MPEG/DASH also as their delivery using our redundant network. This solution helps you avoid maintaining your own streaming infrastructure.

If you like keeping the video processing at your end and use our servers to solely deliver your stream, we simply pull your HLS, HDS and/or MPEG-DASH stream from your origin server and distribute it to your audience.

HLS, HDS and MPEG-DASH playback formats make sure that you reach your audience across platforms and devices including desktop, mobile and IPTV also as recent and every one upcoming HbbTV models. Furthermore, these protocols follow the principle of segmenting the stream into manageable chunks which permit for resolution and bitrate adjustment supported users’ bandwidth and device capabilities. The adaptive bitrate streaming reduces the bandwidth consumption while guaranteeing the simplest possible viewer experience.

Always having security in mind, the Live Streaming CDN comes with 100% SSL/TLS support. because of other features like time or IP based secure tokens, Geographical or IP whitelist/blacklist, you’re fully control of your content security and accessibility.